First Communion Retreat


Station #1 The Last Supper

Watch the  videos on the Passover and the Last Supper, use the discussion guide to help your children understand the connections to the Mass and the Eucharist
Discussion Sheet to go with the Last Supper

This video below contains graphic images of the Crucifixion.  It does a good job explanation Passover and the Last supper but please use parental discretion before you share it with your children

Station #2 Consecration

Station #3 The Parts of the Mass

Station #4 Receiving The Holy Eucharist


Station #5 Adoration


Station #6 Sacred Items found in Church with Father Tony


Click Here for EWTN virtual Church items
Must have flash setting allowed in browser settings
Click on Church, then double click on the choir loft steps, then you can click on the items in the Church, you can also double lick the Sacristy door to find items in the Sacristy


Station #7 Spiritual Communion Craft

Station #8: The Weight of the Mass
Click here for discussion questions