Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council works with and advises the Pastor in the formulation of policies and in decision making.

The Parish Pastoral Council is charged with specific responsibilities:

  • To select annually the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary from among its own selected membership at the first regular meeting of the newly seated Council.

  • To be, along with the Parish Staff, responsible for providing leadership and helping the members of this Community achieve the purposes established for the Parish Community of Saint Henry as set forth in Article II of the Constitution.

  • To study, develop, implement, and evaluate policies, programs, and activities for the Parish Community.

  • To insure that each person in the Parish Community may freely express his/her ideas.

  • To inform members of the Parish Community, particularly one”s constituency, of the decisions and activities of the Council and the Community.

  • To present thoughts, concerns, and resolutions representing the interests of the Parish community to the appropriate group, body, or office.

  • To serve as a vehicle through which anyone may have dialogue with the Parish Community.

  • To consider any and all other matters duly brought before it.


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