Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council works with and advises the Pastor in the formulation of policies and in decision making.

The Parish Pastoral Council is charged with specific responsibilities:

  • To select annually the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary from among its own selected membership at the first regular meeting of the newly seated Council.

  • To be, along with the Parish Staff, responsible for providing leadership and helping the members of this Community achieve the purposes established for the Parish Community of Saint Henry as set forth in Article II of the Constitution.

  • To study, develop, implement, and evaluate policies, programs, and activities for the Parish Community.

  • To insure that each person in the Parish Community may freely express his/her ideas.

  • To inform members of the Parish Community, particularly one”s constituency, of the decisions and activities of the Council and the Community.

  • To present thoughts, concerns, and resolutions representing the interests of the Parish community to the appropriate group, body, or office.

  • To serve as a vehicle through which anyone may have dialogue with the Parish Community.

  • To consider any and all other matters duly brought before it.


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4/22/2022 Parish Pastoral Council Article

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, and it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in our parish.  The Council serves to advise the Pastor, who presides over the council, through researching matters brought forth by the Pastor or by members of the parish, reflecting on them, and making recommendations. Council members also serve as liaisons to parish ministries in order to help implement the parish vision and mission. In this ladder role, they provide an additional path to communicate ministry needs. Most of all the Parish Council consists of a diverse membership that reflects and represents the parish.

Specifically, the Parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is to enhance the process of: 
Pastoral planning, Developing pastoral programs, Improving pastoral services, Evaluating the effectiveness of various ministries, programs and services.

The Council is not a body which makes binding decisions, although the recommendations of the Council are to be taken seriously when grounded in prayer, discernment and common wisdom.

 Who is on the Parish Pastoral Council?  Current members are Donny Lill (chair), Dean Flicker, Brian Lutes (Secretary), Michelle Rosnow, Jill Nelson, Renee Berens (Co-Chair), Melissa Anderson, Judy Ashley, Tim Davis, Karen Dehmer, Ryan Graham, Dick Frie, and Father Barnes.  Pictures of the council members can be found on the bulletin board by the office.  You will recognize these members by the Parish Council badge many of them wear when they are attending mass or other parish events. 

When does the Parish Council Meet?  Parish council meets monthly, usually the third Tuesday of the Month after Mass.

Can anyone attend a Parish Council Meeting?  Yes, anyone can attend a meeting.  If you have an agenda item that you would like to discuss please reach out to Donny Lill, Council Chair and request an agenda item. 

What to do if you have an issue or question to bring to the council?  You may contact the Parish Office. 

How does someone become a member of the Parish Pastoral Council?

Parish Council members serve a 3-year term and each year nominations are received from the Parish at large for the terms that are opening at the end of the parish fiscal year (June 30). Once collected and reviewed there is a discernment period and then we call those chosen to discuss their nomination. The nominations are usually accepted in May, discernment in June and new members start in July.

Is information about the parish council on-line?  You can find information about the parish council and the meeting minutes on the Church of St. Henry’s website under Parish Life and are posted in the Parish Council board in the office hallway.  The link is https://www.sthenrycatholic.info/Parish-Pastoral-Council.

Parish Pastoral Council liaisons:

Communications & Stewardship which includes

Council of Catholic Women, Knights of Columbus, Communication, New Member Welcoming team, Stewardship team, and others.

Sacraments & Worship which includes:

Altar Servers, Cross Bearers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Music Ministry, and others

Charity, Pastoral Care and Justice which includes:

Hospital Communion, Help Center & Food Shelf, Mission Outreach, Pro-Life Ministry, Prayer Chain, and others

Administration & Maintenance which includes:

Building & Grounds Board, Cemetery Board, Church Cleaning (Church Mouse), Finance Committee, Garden Group, Trustees, and others

Faith Formation and Evangelization which includes:

Adult Small Groups, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Library, and others.