Confirmation & Discipleship Groups

Grade: 9th-12th (Sacrament received after two years of preparation)

Discipleship Group: Our vision for high-school formation is that every high-schooler would have a committed small Discipleship-Group for all 4 years of high-school (two years preparing for Confirmation and two years after).

A Discipleship Group (D-Group) is not a class or program but an apprenticeship in Christian living, based on the model of Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as early Christian communities. A D-Group is a (all male or all female) small group of 5-8 youth led by 2 adult mentors (either parents or non-parents), who commit to meeting regularly to grow in faith & life together through study, sharing and discussion, prayer, and service. Using the method of “Teach, Show, Try, Do”, the D-Group Mentors lead the group of teens to grow in spiritual disciplines. D-Groups are formed in partnership with parents and will eventually be launched into homes for meetings. These groups commit to meeting through all four years of high-school (two years before Confirmation and two years after). Yes, we expect a four year commitment because Discipleship doesn't end with Confirmation in 10th grade.

Confirmation Preparation: Confirmation Preparation takes places alongside Discipleship Group model. Confirmation preparation is a two-year process that usually occurs during 9th and 10th grade. In addition to participation in a Discipleship Group and living the Faith, any teen seeking Confirmation is required to also participate in Confirmation Information Meeting, select and meet with a Confirmation Sponsor, select a Confirmation Saint, go on a Confirmation Retreat (Year 1 & Year 2), write a letter of Intent (Year 1) and meet for a Confirmation Interview (Year 2).  

Parents also play a big role in the year-round preparation. At the Info Meeting, you will receive a parent book that summarizes the lesson learned each week and gives you discussion questions to talk through with your child. Please read this at home and ask your child about what they are learning. Parents are also asked to attend the Parent & Sponsor nights two times throughout the year. By working with you and your families, we hope to create an atmosphere that is more than a classroom, but a community of Sacramental Preparation.

Class Time: Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:30pm, during school year

Confirmation Handbook:

Click here for a pdf version of the Year 1 Confirmation Handbook 2021-2022

Click here for a pdf version of the Year 2 Confirmation Handbook 2021-2022

Online Registration: Click here for online registration for a D-Group/Confirmation Preparation!