Grade: Typically 9th & 10th (Two Year Program) 

Curriculum: Ascension Press's Chosen: You Journey Toward Confirmation and Altaration

Year 1: We spend the first year of preparation diving into the foundation mysteries of the Faith (the existence of God, our desire for happiness, the person of Christ, the Catholic faith, the Church, and Sacramental economy) with the first half of the Chosen. "The name of this program, Chosen, is meant to convey that Confirmation, like the other Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism and the Eucharist), is not so much about us choosing God, as it is about Him choosing us (see CCC #1)" (pg. iv of Chosen, Leader's Guide). The last five weeks of class we do a mini-series on the Mass using Altaration

Year 2: In second year of preparation we continue with the second half of Chosen, looking a little deeper at the Sacrament of Confirmation, vocation, virtue, prayer, and more. 

In addition to class, candidates are required, each year, to attend a Confirmation retreat, complete service projects, Mass journals, sponsor conversation and journals, and personal growth opportunities. Candidates will also select a Saint to be their Confirmation Saint and write a report on the life of that Saint. These two years of Sacramental preparation are seen as a discernment process of the readiness of each candidate to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. At the end of each year, candidates will write a letter of intent and complete an exit interview, respectively, as an assessment of their readiness. 

Class Time: Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:30pm during school year

Digital Platform for Chosen Videos: (You will need to log-in to access videos)


Year 1 Confirmation Calendar 2018-2019

Year 2 Confirmation Calendar 2018-2019

Confirmation Handbooks:

Year 1 Confirmation Handbook (Binder) 2018-2019

Year 2 Confirmation Handbook (Binder) 2018-2019

Confirmation Retreats

Year 1 Confirmation Retreat 2018 Details & Permission Form

Year 2 Confirmation Retreat 2018 Details &Permission Form

Other Class Materials/Forms:

Confirmation Mass Information

Confirmation Mass Seating Chart

Letter about Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Group Starter Form

Confirmation Mass 2019: Sunday, May 12th 2:00pm Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Paul


Alternative Classes:

Information for Special Confirmation Classes for Persons with Disabilities