Venezuela Mission

The Archdiocese has partnered with Venezuela as part of an Archdiocesan Mission. Fr. Denny Dempsey has provided us with some article about their area. We hope you'll take a few minutes to read about them.

Did you know?

The Price of Food - "comparative prices at grocery stores in MN and Venezuela, as well as income to purchase food"

School Days - "how schools in both countries are accommodating to the current restrictions"

La aventura nos aguarda

Twin Cities

Google Map Tour

No Daylight Savings Time

Waiting in Line - "something people do a lot here in Venezuela"

Coronavirus - "how we are responding to the Coronavirus here in Venezuela"

Water and Electricity - "how Venezuelans deal with water shortages and power outages"

Going bananas from staying at home, are you? -"fruits grown here in Venezuela"

Coronavirus: does this cloud have a silver lining? -"positive side effects people in Venezuela and MN are experiencing in these challenging times"
Coronavirus: no hay mal que por bien no venga

Baseball Withdrawl
Beisbol - "Pensando en el beisbol esta semana...Bendiciones de Venezuela"

Go Fly a Kite - "a popular pastime for kids here"