NOTE: Due to COVID-19/Coronavarus, many of our events have been canceled or moved to a electronic "meeting" platform (i.e. Zoom). Please see the Saint Henry Coronavirus webpage for the most updated information about parish polices. Please also feel free to contact Jenna Leighton ([email protected]) if you have any questions about a particular Faith Formation or Youth Ministry event. Lastly, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the parish staff if you need prayer and support during this difficult time!

What is Fyshbowl? FYSH stands for "For the Youth of St. Henry". Our youth group is called the Fyshbowl! 


Fyshbowl Nights

What is a Fyshbowl Night? Fyshbowl Nights are from 7-9pm on the second and fourth Friday of each month. These nights open to all 6th-12th grade youth. Night consists of a variety of games, faith topics, and prayer. You are always welcome to bring friends! 

Who: 6th-12th grade youth. You are welcome to bring your friends!


  • Fri, Apr 3rd (7-9pm) - Virtual Fyshbowl via Zoom
  • Fri, Apr 17th (7-9pm) - Virtual Fyshbowl via Zoom
  • Fri, Apr 24th (7-9pm) - Virtual Fyshbowl via Zoom

Where: We are currently meeting electronically on Zoom! Follow the instructions below to join the virtual Fyshbowl via Zoom....

Virtual Fyshbowl Zoom Instructions:
A. Make sure you have a computer/Chromebook with a camera or smartphone and good internet connection
B. Create an account: https://zoom.us/freesignup/
C. Download the application on to your computer/Chromebook or phone
D. Contact Jenna ([email protected]) for the link to the Zoom Meeting!
Note: If you have any trouble logging on, please reach out to me by email!



Adoration and Pizza

What is Adoration and Pizza? On the last Faith Formation Wednesday of each month, 7th-12th grade youth are invited to join us at 6pm in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel for a special time of prayer. This time of prayer will be a mixture of meditation, music, and silent prayer. Every teen who attends Adoration will get FREE pizza in the Fyshbowl afterwards, before you have to go to your Faith Formation Class or D-Group Meeting. 

Who: 7th-12th grade youth. (Sorry 6th grade, you will be in Faith Formation class during this time!)

When: TBD