What is Fyshbowl? FYSH stands for "For the Youth of St. Henry". Our youth group is called the Fyshbowl! Check out our Fall Calendar of Events as well as the event details below...


Fyshbowl Nights

What is a Fyshbowl Night? Fyshbowl Nights are from 7-9pm on the second and fourth Friday of each month. These nights open to all 6th-12th grade youth. Night consists of a variety of games, faith topics, and prayer. You are always welcome to bring friends! Come on September 27th for the Fyshbowl Kick-Off and the announcement of the 2019-2020 Youth Ministry year theme!

Who: 6th-12th grade youth. You are welcome to bring your friends!


  • Fri, Sept 27th (7-9pm) - Fyshbowl Kick-Off
  • Sun, Oct 6th (5-8pm) - Dinner & Swing Dance Night (See below for details)
  • Fri, Oct 11th (7-9pm) - Fyshbowl
  • Fri, Oct 25th (7-9pm) - Halloween Fyshbowl
  • Sat, Nov 2nd (2:30-11pm) - Lifeline (See below for details)
  • Fri, Nov 8th (7-9pm) - Fyshbowl
  • Fri, Nov 22nd (7-9pm) - Fyshbowl
  • Sat, Dec 7th (3-5pm) - Office Christmas Decorating (See below for details)



Adoration and Pizza

What is Adoration and Pizza? On the last Faith Formation Wednesday of each month, 7th-12th grade youth are invited to join us at 6pm in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel for a special time of prayer. This time of prayer will be a mixture of meditation, music, and silent prayer. Every teen who attends Adoration will get FREE pizza in the Fyshbowl afterwards, before you have to go to your Faith Formation Class or D-Group Meeting. 

Who: 7th-12th grade youth. (Sorry 6th grade, you will be in Faith Formation class during this time!)


  • Wed, Dec 18th (6-7:15pm) - Adoration & Pizza
  • Wed, Jan 29th (6-7:15pm) - Adoration & Pizza 
  • Wed, Feb 19th (6:15-7pm) - Adoration & Pizza




Office Christmas Decorating - Saturday, December 7th (3-5pm)

All 6th-12th grade youth are invited to join us for this Fyshbowl tradition on Saturday, December 7th: spreading Christmas cheer to our parish by decorating the offices...with lots and lots of Christmas wrapping paper! Bring a roll of your favorite Christmas wrapping paper! Tape will be provided. 




Parish Mission - Monday, December 2nd-Wednesday, December 4th

All youth are invited to come together with the whole parish for this special Parish Mission!