Extreme Faith Camp

NOTE: Due to COVID-19/Coronavarus, many of our events have been canceled, rescheduled, or restructured to accommodate the newest guidelines. Please see the Saint Henry Coronavirus webpage for the most updated information about parish polices and guidelines. Please also feel free to contact Jenna Leighton ([email protected]) if you have any questions about a particular Faith Formation or Youth Ministry event. Lastly, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the parish staff if you need prayer and support during this difficult time!

What is Extreme Faith Morning of Prayer? Gather with your Saint Henry Extreme Faith group for a morning of prayer. Grow in friendship with one another and with Jesus. The morning will include a solemn Mass (celebrated "Ad Orientum", meaning "to the East", and with Latin Mass parts), breakfast outside, an inspirational talk, and Adoration with praise & worship. Together, we will unite and offer our prayers for our Saint Henry parish, Monticello community, and the whole world during these difficult times. Click here for Extreme Faith Morning of Prayer online registration. The cost is $5 per person.

Who: Rising 6th grade to graduated seniors (parents and other adults are invited to volunteer as chaperones)

When: Saturday, August 15th 9am-Noon

Where: The Church of Saint Henry (1001 E 7th Street, Monticello, MN 55362)

How do I sign up? Click here for Extreme Faith Morning of Prayer online registration. The cost is $5 per person.




Dear EFC families and participants,

Once again, I have disappointing news to share with you regarding our Extreme Faith plans. Due to restrictions of the recently released Archdiocesan "Interim Guidelines for Youth Ministry & Faith Formation Activities", the youth ministers have made the difficult decision to cancel our Extreme Faith Day. Saint Henry is open to the idea of hosting an onsite, parish event in place of Extreme Faith Day but we need your thoughts, ideas, and support for planning such an event. Some of the event restrictions include: the event should be on site (no group transportation), 6-feet social distance at all times, small groups limited to 10 people, no mixing of small groups, participants must bring their own foods (or if provided by parish, it must be store-bought and individually packaged), etc. Please, click here, to fill out a survey to help us discern, in light of these restrictions, what the best alternative will be to our canceled Extreme Faith Day.
Thank you!

Once again, with this disappointing news you may find yourself sad, disappointed, discouraged, or maybe even angry. And we wanted to remind you, that is ok. The ministry of Extreme Faith Camp is good and holy and has been life-changing for many teens. I know for myself, there was a lot of excitement and hope built upon our plans for even an Extreme Faith Day as an alternative event to Extreme Faith Camp. And it is ok (actually, more than ok!) to feel sad about the cancellation of something that is so good and holy. But my challenge for all of us is not to remain in those feelings, but to bring our sadness, disappointment, discourage, and anger to our Lord on the Cross and surrender it to Him as a sacrifice of love for our world in these challenging times. The world needs your prayers. So let us say together: Jesus, we trust in You. 
God bless you,
Jenna Leighton 
The Church of Saint Henry
[email protected] 



Dear EFC families and participants,

A blessed Easter Season to you and your family! Christ is Risen, Alleluia!
Due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, our world and our Church finds itself in unprecedented times. Coronavirus has indirectly and in some cases, directly, impacted every aspect of our lives—our connection to family, and friends, and community; our work; our schools; our ministry; even our practice of the Catholic Faith. As the situation has developed here in Minnesota, the Extreme Faith Camp Leadership team has been faced with the difficult question of our ability to host our week of Extreme Faith Camp 2020, June 8th-12th at Big Sandy Camp. Over the last few weeks, the Leadership Team has been discussing and discerning how to most faithfully and prudently answer this question. We have spent time in conversation with our parish pastors, in video-meetings with each other, and in prayer with our Lord. We, the Leadership Team, now wish to share our decision and considerations with you and the whole EFC Week 1 (the week Saint Henry is attending) in unity, through this letter.
Through our discussion and discernment, our Leadership Team has identified two main factors that impact our ability to host camp. The first factor is the health/safety factor—namely, what is the risk of a week-long, 250-person gathering like camp and how comfortable are families sending their teens to such a gathering this June, what Minnesota restrictions of large gatherings will be in place come June and will we have the ability to adapt lodging and activities enough in order comply with any social-distancing regulations during camp. The second factor is a financial factor—namely how the current economy has and will continue to impact the jobs and budgets of EFC families, as well as the fundraising efforts and budgets of EFC parishes.
In consideration of the above factors and the guidance from our parish pastors, prudence has led the Leadership Team of EFC Week 1 to the sad decision to cancel our week of Extreme Faith Camp, June 8th-12th, 2020 at Big Sandy Camp. It is with heavy hearts that we share this decision with you. Like many of you, as youth ministers the week of Extreme Faith Camp is one of the highlights of our year. Extreme Faith Camp is more than a week of work to us, it is a spirit-filled week of community and worship. We too, will truly miss camp this June.
As a response to the difficult and disappointing decision to cancel the week camp this June, the Leadership Team of EFC Week 1 has decided to plan an Extreme Faith Day later this summer, on Saturday, August 15th, 2020 at Good Shepherd in Golden Valley (our Leadership Training will be held the day before: Friday, August 14th). While a day-event could never fully replicate a week-long camp experience, this Extreme Faith Day will include the main elements of camp: fun with all your camp friends, Wacky Olympics, talks and small groups, praise & worship, Mass, Confession, and Eucharistic Adoration. All 6th-8th grade youth are invited as “campers” and all 9th-12th grade youth are invited to apply for the leadership team (“Service Team” or “Extreme Team”). Please invite your friends! Even if they were not signed up for camp, they are welcome to sign up for Extreme Faith Day. The cost is $65 for campers and $45 for leaders. More information about this day (registration, schedule, etc.) will be shared soon.

Thanks to the generosity of Big Sandy Camp, they will not be charging us for our EFC 2020 contract and will be moving our deposit to next summer’s camp. Because of their generosity, we, the Church of Saint Henry, have the ability to offer our participants two things with your current EFC funds (either personal payments already paid or fundraiser funds already raised)...

  • EFC funds can be used for Extreme Faith Day 2020, and/or...
  • EFC funds can be used for Extreme Faith Camp 2021

Even with the news of an Extreme Faith Day, you still may feel saddened by the decision of the cancellation of camp this summer. And we wanted to let you know, that is ok. Extreme Faith Camp is a good and holy week. And it is ok (actually, more than ok!) to feel sad about the cancellation of something that is good and holy. With that being said, we would like to encourage each of you to reflect on the question, “What makes camp so special?”. While there are many things that make camp fun (your camp friends from other parishes, dunking your small group leader/youth minister in the dunk tank, and that zip line!) what really makes camp what it is, of course, is our Lord Jesus. It is Jesus who gives life to Extreme Faith Camp, as He said “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). And Jesus is still with us, giving us life, in His Word, in His Sacraments, and in His Church. And He will be with us at our Extreme Faith Day, offering the same abundant life to each of us! We look forward to gathering with you, August 15th for Extreme Faith Day!  

May God’s peace, presence, and life be with you and your families during this blessed Easter Season. Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

God bless you,
The Leadership Team of EFC Week 1:

     Jenna Leighton     
     The Church of Saint Henry (Monticello)     

     Debbie Gladitsch     
     The Church of Saint Francis (Buffalo)     
     Ali Hunt     
     The Church of Saint Ignatius (Annandale)     
     Baylyn Wagner     
     The Church of Saint Timothy (Maple Lake)     

     Joaquin Martinez     
     The Church of Saint Stephen (Minneapolis)     
     Alex Schindler     
     Good Shepherd (Golden Valley)     
     Kent Yoder     
     The Church of Saint Andrew (Elk River)     
     Bernie Gauthe
     Annunciation (Minneapolis)     


What is Extreme Faith Camp? Extreme Faith Camp (EFC) is a crazy-fun and deeply Catholic, multi-parish, week-long summer camp for youth currently in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade! Adults, young adults, and 9th-12th grade students are invited to join us on the leadership team (beginning with pre-camp leadership retreat) and help make this week possible. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and saturated in the beauty of our rich Catholic Tradition, EFC is without a doubt a life-changing experience. With both old and new friends, teens are sure to enjoy all the crazy-fun activities, including large-group field games, 9-square-in-the-air, gaga ball, the zip-line, low ropes courses, archery, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, a dance with a live DJ, and “Wacky Olympics”. At EFC, teens will also encounter Christ through bible-studies, inspiring talks, small group sharing and discussion, the Sacrament of Confession, daily Mass, and Eucharistic Adoration. We invite you to come with us to EFC and encounter Christ!

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When is EFC? Dates TBD for EFC 2021


How do I register for EFC? Registration coming December 2020 for EFC 2021


How much is EFC?

  • Camper cost: Cost TBD for EFC 2021
  • Leader cost: Cost TBD for EFC 2021


Fundraising: We know that camp is expensive but we truly believe it is worth it! We want to make it possible for each and every student to attend camp. That is why we help organize fundraising options for families! These fundraisers are largely parent-driven so please attend the info meeting and be in contact if you are interested in helping get more fundraisers on the calendar. Fundraisers TBD for EFC 2021



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