Discipleship Groups

NOTE: Due to COVID-19/Coronavarus, many of our events have been canceled or moved to a electronic "meeting" platform (i.e. Zoom). Please see the Saint Henry Coronavirus webpage for the most updated information about parish polices. Please also feel free to contact Jenna Leighton ([email protected]) if you have any questions about a particular Faith Formation or Youth Ministry event. Lastly, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the parish staff if you need prayer and support during this difficult time!

What is a Discipleship Group?

A Discipleship Group (D-Group) is not a class or program but an apprenticeship in Christian living, based on the model of Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as early Christian communities. A D-Group is a (all male or all female) small group of 5-8 youth led by 2 adult mentors (either parents or non-parents), who commit to meeting regularly to grow in faith & life together through study, sharing and discussion, prayer, and service. It is a place to belong, be loved, and grow. Using the method of “Teach, Show, Try, Do”, the D-Group Mentors lead the group of teens to grow in spiritual disciplines. D-Groups are formed in partnership with parents and are eventually launched into homes for home meetings. These groups commit to meeting through all four years of high-school (two years before Confirmation and two years after). Yes, we expect a four year commitment because Discipleship doesn't end with Confirmation in 10th grade.

Parish Resources:

  • What is a Discipleship Groups? The Mission, the Model, and the Ministry

Parent Resources:


D-Group Mentor Resources:

  • Expectations of a D-Group Mentor
  • D-Group Mentor Job Description


Virtual D-Groups: We are the Church of Saint Henry are working hard to support you and your families in the formation of the Faith, especially during this time of shelter-in-place and social distancing. We do not yet know when we will be able to resume Discipleship-Groups meetings. Our policy has always been to follow the Monticello school district's decisions and due to the Governor's instruction to all MN school districts to continue distance learning until at least May 4th, our Faith Formation program will follow and continue digitally. For high-school Discipleship Groups, we are working with your D-Group leaders to connect with you virtually (If you are a D-Group leader: check out the D-Group Leader Resource page here!). We have three new resources to help keep you and your D-Group connected: Remind, Zoom, and YDisciple online. Here is a summary of what you as a parent/teen need to know for virtual D-Groups:

  1. D-Group Leaders will be communicating with you and your teen primarily through Remind (Instructions for Remind below)
  2. D-Groups will have D-Groups meetings Wednesday evenings via Zoom (Instructions for Zoom below). 
  3. All high-school Faith Formation families have access to the YDisciple videos via an account on the online Y-Disciple platform (Instructions for YDisciple Online Platform below). This will remain the primary curriculum of D-Groups, however some group leaders may choose to supplement this curriculum with additional material.



What is Remind? Remind is service that allows students, teachers, and parents to get messages (both announcements and group messages) directly to their phone (push notification, text, and/or e-mail) without having to share personal contact information. This service may already be familiar to you and your teen as it is the one used by the area schools. 

Instructions for how to get connected on Remind:

A.   If you haven't yet done so, fill out the Electronic Communication Form and return, mail, or e-mail the completed form to Jenna Leighton at the Church of Saint Henry. 
B.   Contact your D-Group leader for the "class code". Sign up for text, push notifications, and/or e-mail...

i.   You sign up with text: Text the class code to 81010.
ii.   You can download the app: Download "Remind: School Communication" from your App Store. Open the app, sign in, click "join a class", and enter the class code.
iii.   You can sign up for e-mails: This can be done either through the app on your smartphone (open your app, sign in, and in account settings: add your e-mail address and click the bell icon next to it so it is marked blue) OR this can be done online from your computer (go to r
emind.com, sign in, and in account settings: add your e-mail address and click the bell icon next to it so it marked blue)



What is Zoom? Zoom is a free service for group video calls.

Virtual D-Group Zoom Instructions:

A. Make sure you have a computer/Chromebook with a camera or smartphone and good internet connection
B. Create an account: https://zoom.us/freesignup/
C. Download the application on to your computer/Chromebook or phone
D. Contact your D-Group leader for the link to the Zoom Meeting!

Note on Safe Environment: We have translated our safe environment policy to our new virtual reality. Here are some of the rules that we have set in place: There must always be two safe-environment-certified adults (namely your D-Group leaders and/or a parent volunteer) present in a virtual meetings. Virtual meetings must always include 3 or more teens (i.e. the meeting is always a "group meeting" never an "individual meeting"). D-Group leaders must also send a copy of the Zoom link to parents and parents are always welcome to participate in the virtual meeting. 


YDisciple Online:

What is YDisciple Online? YDisciple online is a video library of faith-based videos that make up the primary curriculum for D-Groups. Each Faith formation family has access to an account on the online Y-Disciple platform (Instructions for YDisciple Online Platform below). From your family account, you can stream the faith-based videos (before or during) you D-Group meetings. These videos will be the launching point for your D-Group/s discussion each week. 

Instructions for YDisciple Online Platform:

Each registered Faith Formation family of a high-school D-Group teen(s), will receive an e-mail (sent to primary parent's e-mail address) titled "Welcome to YDisciple". This e-mail will include your username and password for www.ydisciple.com. Log on to access all of the YDisciple videos! Note: You may also receive a "confirmation of purchase" e-mail for joining Y-Disciple. As you can read in the e-mail, there is no additional personal cost for the subscription (the purchase was made by the parish).