Eucharistic Adoration to get new Software April 2022

On April 24 at 6 pm Eucharistic Adoration adorers will begin signing in using an easy-to-use software program called We Adore Him. Adorers sign in for their Holy Hour by tapping their name on an iPad screen in the chapel. There will be an information packet for adorers and substitute adorers in the chapel on April 24. 

Any parishioner can access this program and you are encouraged to check it out. If you do not have a Holy Hour but want to come and pray before the Blessed Sacrament, please come. You may sign up for a regularly scheduled time, but if you are unable to commit to a regular weekly or monthly commitment, We Adore Him allows you to schedule a one-time visit.

Online FAQ's about We Adore Him can be found by clicking here.

Video Tutorial for New Adorers, click here to watch, scroll down to 3rd video.

Church of Saint Henry Informational Document.

We have an urgent need for ten committed adorers.

The level of commitment and dedication that you, as Saint Henry perpetual adorers, is amazing. How wonderful is this testament to the beauty and grace of His Divine Presence in our midst. Our goal is to have 2 adorers in the chapel at every hour. There are many hours that have only one person. Especially during the early morning hours. We are asking those of you who are not currently spending 1 hour each week to seriously and prayerfully consider this opportunity of grace. If you wish to adore outside of parish office hours, please contact the parish office first. 763-295-2402.

Please call the Parish Office at 763-295-2402 if you have any questions or would like to be an adorer.


Each time we look upon Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, He raises us up into deeper union with Himself, opens up the floodgates of His merciful love to the whole world, and brings us closer to the day of His final victory “where every knee will bend and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord”. The reign of God is already in your midst. The coming of Jesus to us in the Eucharist is assurance of His promise of final victory: “Behold, I come to make all things new!” 

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

What Adoration Means to Me

  •   “Adoration is a time for me to stop spinning my wheels.  It’s a time to sit and be surrounded by God’s love and to be reminded of His tender care.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Your Son and Your peace.”
  •   “Adoration is my weekly hour of positivity.  It’s my one on one time with Jesus.  This time has led me to so many positive revelations in life and what I feel is open communication with God!”
  •   “Adoration is a time for me to find peace in a hectic day, week, etc.  It brings me back to calm.”
  •   “In that monstrance is a gift of love waiting to pour itself out upon its visitors.”
  •   “Adoration is my quiet, peaceful time to pour my heart out to our Lord. It has strengthened my prayer life that I knew was weakening.  I feel His love pouring down on me.”
  •   “What adoration means to me is peace of mind, body and soul, because I bring all my daily stressors and leave them at the altar. I leave knowing God will take care of all and I have total peace.”
  •   “Prayers answered!”
  •   “A time to ask God what he wants me to do for Him in this life.”
  •   “At first, I signed up to adore because volunteers were needed.  Over the last several years, it has become MY time – time to offer praise and thanksgiving, ask for strength, or forgiveness, a time to simply talk to Jesus, and ask him to remain with me after I leave the chapel.  I believe the time I spend in Adoration helps me to be a better person, closer to the person God wants me to be.  And I realize I need this hour every week.”
  •   “It so happens that the hour of adoration is really the best hour of the week.  Very meaningful!”
  •   “There was a time when I first started adoration I worried about being able to fit it in my schedule. It didn’t take long, however, before I realized how important this time in adoration really is. It is easy to say you love someone, but it is another thing to show that love in a tangible way. Jesus gives himself to us every Sunday – body, blood, soul, and divinity though the Eucharist. How fitting is it that we deepen our relationships with God, spending more time together, more time in prayer. This is the path to holiness – the place where Jesus wants to take each of us. Now, instead of fitting adoration into my schedule, my schedule fits around adoration.  This is my time to come and listen, to pray and to love.”
  •   “Peace and contentment in my heart. I feel much closer to God, Jesus, and the Blessed Mother.”
  •   “I look forward to my adoration hour. I know one can feel close to the Lord anywhere. But there is something about that hour I can’t explain. For one thing, quietness, no interruptions, not getting side tracked.  I love my hour!”
  •   “Jesus is my best friend. I cannot come to Monticello without stopping in adoration – at least five minutes – to tell my best friend and savior how much I love Him and need Him. He waits for all of us to give Him a previous few minutes of our time. I am always blessed by coming.”
  •   “The hour I spend here is so special. I receive a calming spirit – peace that remains until I return.”
  •    “God among us.”
  •   “Opportunity . .  . a chance to express love and devotion, but always our God gives back much more in return . .  . many gifts and blessings.”
  •   “Tie to ask God what he wants me to do for Him in this life.”
  •   “Time alone with my Savior!”
  •   “Being able to look my Lord in the face and speak with Him.”
  •   “Quiet, loving comfort in a broken world.  Healing, love, mercy.  Time with our Lord who is with us always. Answers to pray.”
  •   “A time just for God, to share and listen, to be healed, to be made one with Him.”
  •   “The best way to get “out of the world” for an hour, and let the peace of God consume you.”
  •   “My adoration hour is what I look forward to each week.  It is a time that is so special for me to spend in quiet solitude with my Savior.  I feel our bond is extra strong in this hour.”
  •   “Peace and love.  They have grown gradually in me for 17 years, which is how long I’ve had a holy hour.  He promotes spiritual growth with such gentleness.”
  •   “Adoration is a chance to open your heart and body to our Lord Jesus and an opportunity to tell him everything that is both good and bad in our lives, and things we to change or get better at.  It is also an opportunity for Jesus to tell how to change our lives and grow closer to him.”
  •   “A quiet time to reflect on things in my life.”
  •   “A powerful prayer light shines brighter than all the stars, fireworks, and lightening in the sky; to see the face of God in Jesus and share this with the world.  Wow.”
  •   "Adoration is a time I can sit in silence with our Lord present in the Eucharist to allow myself to be loved by Him and to love Him. He is my best friend.  He knows all my thoughts, my life, my joys, my troubles.  I find peace in His presence unlike anywhere in my life. When I pass by church during the week I stop in even for a few minutes to find rest with my best friend. He gives me spiritual strength and teaches me to become more like Him. ‘Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  Matthew 11:29.’”