Each parish has two Trustees, who are part of a five-member Corporate Board of the parish.  One trustee is the treasurer of the Corporate Board and the other is the secretary.  The other three members are the pastor who is the Vice-President, the Archbishop who is the President, and the Vicar General of the Archdiocese who is an at-large member.  The team’s purpose is to take charge of and manage all the temporal affairs of the Catholic Church in each respective parish, including purchasing, selling, or gifting all property and managing its use.  Corporate action is needed when there is proposed purchase, sale, or lease of property for any amount, and when improvements to property of $25,000 or more are proposed.  The Corporate Board may also amend the Constitution and Bylaws of the parish by unanimous vote. The trustees are also extensively involved with making sure that our money-handling procedures are correct.  The term of a Trustee is two years, always renewable, recommended by the pastor, and appointed by the Archbishop.

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