Music Schedule

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Jan 16/17

Amy and Mary Kav/Liz

Audrey and Becca/SF

Jan 23/24

Audrey and Dorothy/NH

Grace and Cecilia/MK

Jan 30/31

Cindy and Bill/SF

Veronica, Paul, and Bonnie/MK


Weekend of:

5:00 PM

8:30 and 10:30 AM

Feb  6/7

Amy and Audrey/MM


                  Grace and Char/SF

Feb 13/14

Amy and John/MK

Kari and Mary Kav/MM

Feb 17

Ash Wed

12:00 noon:

Audrey, Becca, and John/MK


Veronica, Paul and Bonnie/SF

Feb 20/21

1st Sun of Lent

 Char and Lisa/MK

Grace and Cindy/SF


Feb 27/28

2nd Sun of Lent

Veronica, Paul, and Cindy/Liz

Audrey and Kari/CP


Mar 6/7

3rd Sun of Lent

Audrey and John/MM

Cindy and Grace/MK

Mar 13/14

4th Sun of Lent

Char and Lisa/Liz

         Audrey and Mary Kav/MM

Mar 20/21

5th Sun of Lent

Kari and Amy/MK

Grace and Cecilia/CP

Mar 27/28

   Palm Sunday

Cindy and Phil/JK

Veronica, Paul, and Bonnie/SF