Music Schedule

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November 14/15

Veronica, Paul, and Bonnie/NH

Amber and Rachel/MK

November 21/22

Christ the King

Audrey and Dorothy/MK

Audrey and Kip/SF

Nov 26/ Thanksgiving

9:00am Mass

9:00am Audrey, Beth, & 

Becca D/MK


Nov 28/29 1st Sunday

of Advent

Grace and Phil/MK

Rachel and Scott/MK

Dec 5/6 - 2nd Sunday of


Amy and John/MM

Veronica, Paul, and Bonnie/SF

Dec 8th Immaculate


12:00 noon: Audrey and John/MM

7:00pm: Grace and Cindy/MK

Dec 12/13 – 3rd Sunday

of Advent

Cindy and Bill/NH

Grace and Audrey/MM

Dec 19/20 – 4th Sunday of Advent

Char and Lisa/Liz

Kari and Mary Kav /MK

Dec 24th Christmas Eve

4:00pm Veronica, Paul,  and     Bonnie/MM

6:00pm Hispanic Group?

10:00pm (Midnight Mass)

Audrey, Beth, and Becca/MK

Dec 25th Christmas



Amy and John/SF


Grace and Char/MK

Dec 26/27 Holy Family

Kari and John/SF

Audrey and Dorothy/MK

Dec 31/Jan 1 – Mary,

 Mother of God

5:00pm Dec 31 –

Audrey, Beth, and Becca D/MK

9:00am Jan 1 – Char and Lisa/Liz


Jan 2/3 Epiphany

Audrey and Kari/MK

Cindy, Veronica, and Paul/MM

Jan 9/10 The Baptism

of the Lord

Kari and John/MM

Grace and Char/SF

Jan 16/17

Amy and Mary Kav/Liz

Audrey and Becca/SF

Jan 23/24

Audrey and Dorothy/NH

Grace and Cecilia/MK

Jan 30/31

Cindy and Bill/SF

Veronica, Paul, and Bonnie/MK