Funeral Ministry

Funeral Hospitality/Greeters

Volunteers greet and welcome everyone entering for a funeral Mass. Greeters answer questions and makes everyone feel welcome. They help visitors find their way around if they are not familiar with our church. They make sure everyone has a program for the Mass, and will inform Servers/or Sacristans who will be needing communion brought to them. They also make sure no one is seated in the very front chairs as they have no kneelers.

Contact:    Karan Wilmot                                                763-272-1279                                   


Funeral Luncheon Team

This ministry is part of the Council of Catholic Women (CCW) opportunities. Volunteers help serve food and host for the funerals of families within our parish.

Contact:    Janelle Hazuka                                             763-295-4891                                   


Funeral Sacristan or Server

Sacristans arrive at church 90 minutes prior to Mass.  They set up the church in preparation for a funeral Mass and make sure all ministers are present.  They locate/identify Lectors and Gift Bearers and instruct them on their responsibilities as well as find additional Extraordinary Ministers if needed.   Sacristans stay afterwards to help Father cleanse the vessels.  They also verify Father has reposed and exposed the Blessed Sacrament.  Acolytes (servers) serve the Lord by serving and assisting Father at a funeral Mass. Servers should arrive 30 minutes prior to the Mass.

Contact:    Karan Wilmot                                                763-272-1279