This Week

Tuesday, September 12
The Most Holy Name of Mary
9:00 AM CCW Boutique Crafting (N)
6:30 PM Mass–Richard Holmes t
7:15 PM Mission Outreach Mtg. (cove)
7:15 PM Liturgy Committee (FS)

Wednesday, September 13
Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop & Doctor of the Church
8:30 AM Mass—Naomi Hermes t
6:30 PM Parent Mtg. for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (SH)
7:00 PM Choir Practice (WS)

Thursday, September 14
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
8:30 AM Mass—Alphonsen Borgerding t
7:00 PM Faith Formation Committee Mtg. (FS)
7:00 PM Moreno XV Rehearsal (WS)

Friday, September 15
Our Lady of Sorrows
8:30 AM Mass—David Hermes t
3:45 PM Scrip (FS)
6:30 PM MS Fyshbowl (fysh/G)

Saturday, September 16
Saint Cornelius, Pope and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs
1:00 PM Moreno Quinceanera (WS)
5:00 PM Mass–James Kruger t
6:00 PM HS Fyshbowl (Fysh/G/K)

Sunday, September 17        Coffee & Donuts
                                            Catechetical Sunday
                                            Faith Formation Kick-Off
8:30 AM Mass—Marlois Weinand & Eleanor Yarco t
10:30 AM Mass– Dave Metzger t
1:00 PM Mass—For the People
6:30 PM Family Rosary (CH)

Monday, September 18
6:00 PM Divine Will (FS)

Tuesday, September 19
Saint Januarius, Bishop & Martyr
1:00 PM Brain Injury Support Grp. (FS)
6:30 PM Mass–Richard Sutton t
7:00 PM CCW Mtg. (FS)

Wednesday, September 20
Faith Formation Classes start  for 1st grade-Confirmation
Saints Andrew Kim Tae-gon, Priest and Paul Chong Ha-sang and Companions, Martyrs
8:30 AM Mass—George Holthaus t
3:55 PM Faith Formation 1st—5th grades
6:00 PM Faith Formation 1st—6th grades
7:15 PM Faith Formation 7th gr-Confirmation

Thursday, September 21
Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
8:30 AM Mass—Phillip LaVallee t
12:00 PM Moms in Prayer (FS)

Friday, September 22
8:30 AM Mass—David Hermes t
3:45 PM Scrip (FS)

Saturday, September 23
Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest
5:00 PM Mass–Austin & Jean Aydt t

Sunday, September 24      Coffee & Donuts
8:30 AM Mass—Marlois Weinand t
10:30 AM Mass– Dale Lindenfelser t
1:00 PM Mass—For the People
6:30 PM Watchmen (FS)
6:30 PM Family Rosary (CH)