This Week

Friday, November 17     Yr 2 Confirmation Retreat
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious
8:30 AM Mass—Jim & Rose Holthaus t
3:45 PM Scrip (FS)
4:00 PM Year 2 Confirmation Retreat

Saturday,  November 18
The Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles; Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin
9:00 AM Exercise Class (G)
5:00 PM Mass–Thanksgiving for a Good Harvest

Sunday, November 19        Coffee & Donuts
                                          Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                          Great River Family Promise Begins
                                          KC Turkey Bingo
8:30 AM Mass—Basil & Dorothy Schillewaert t
9:30 & 11:30 AM Our Lady Talk by Ann Medley (FS)
10:30 AM Mass– George Holthaus t
11:00 AM Spanish Faith Formation (7,8,19,20,G)
1:00 PM Spanish Mass—For the People
5:00 PM KC Turkey Bingo (SH, K, 13)
6:30 PM Family Rosary (CH)
7:30 PM The Catholic Watchmen (FS)

Monday, November 20
6:00 PM Divine Will (FS)
6:00 PM W.I.N.E.

Tuesday, November 21
The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1:00 PM Brain Injury Support Group; (FS)
6:00 PM Exercise Class (G)
6:30 PM Mass–George Florek t
7:00 PM Parish Pastoral Council Mtg. (FS)

Wednesday, November 22       NO FAITH FORMATION CLASSES
Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr
8:30 AM Mass—Sharon Larson t

Thursday, November 23          PARISH OFFICES  CLOSED
Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr; Saint Columan, Abbot; Blessed Migues Agustin Pro, Priest and Martyr
9:00 AM Mass—John Risch t

Friday, November 24                PARISH OFFICES CLOSED
Saint Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest and Companions, Martyrs
8:30 AM Mass—Steve & Mary Woznick t
3:45 PM Scrip (FS)

Saturday,  November 25
Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr, BVM
5:00 PM Mass–LeRoy Dehmer t

Sunday, November 26                   
Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
8:30 AM Mass—Phillip LaVallee t
8:30 AM RCIA (FS)
10:30 AM Mass– Sarah & Sr. Catherine Mary Holker t
1:00 PM Spanish Mass—For the People
6:30 PM Family Rosary (CH)

Monday, November 27
9:30 AM CCW Mission Group (N)
6:30 PM KC Officers Meeting (13)

Tuesday, November 28
3:00 PM Holy Spirit Drama Club (G)
6:00 PM Exercise Class (G)
6:30 PM Mass–Marj Mass, Rose Heisel, Jennifer Hansen, Delores Schnettler, Geoff Johnson, Pat Curtis, Greg Curtis
7:00 PM Finance Council (FS)

Wednesday, November 29    
8:30 AM Mass—William Rose t
3:55 PM Faith Formation PreK-5th Grade
6:00 PM Faith Formation PreK-6th Grade
6:00 & 7:15 PM Adult Faith Formation-Why God Matters(FS)
6:00 PM Adoration & Pizza (C/Fysh)
7:15 PM Faith Formation 7th –Confirmation

Thursday, November 30         
Saint Andrew, Apostle
8:30 AM Mass—Madelyn Christianson t
9:15 AM Sm. Group Bible Study (FS)
12 Noon Moms in Prayer (FS)
6:00 PM Exercise Class (G)

Friday, December 1
8:30 AM Mass—George Holthaus t
9:00 AM First Friday Book Club (FS)
9:30 AM Liturgy Change Over (WS/GS)
3:00 PM Holy Spirit Drama Club (G)
3:45 PM Scrip (FS)
6:00 PM Guadalupe Dance Practice (GS)

Saturday,  December 2
8:00 AM H.S.A. Set Building (18-19/G/16-17)
2:45 PM Lifeline (offsite)
5:00 PM Mass–Earl Malone, Milly Voelker t
6:00 PM Eucharistic Minister Training. (WS)
6:00 PM KC Appreciation Dinner (SH/K)

Sunday, December 3       Children’s Liturgy of the Word           
First Sunday of Advent
8:30 AM Mass—J. Duane Nelson t
10:30 AM Mass– MaryAnn Scherber Lindenfelser t
11:00 AM Spanish Faith Formation(3,8,19-20,G)
11:30 AM Eucharistic Minister Training (WS)
1:00 PM Spanish Mass—For the People
6:30 PM Family Rosary (CH)