March for Life

What is the March for Life Youth & Family Conference? The Church of Saint Henry is attending the March for Life 2021 and the Archdiocesan March for Life Youth & Family Conference at the Church of Saint Agnes. All 9th-12th grade youth (and families!) are invited to this day of prayer, inspiration, pro-life education and advocacy for the pre-born. The day includes Mass, speakers, the MCCL March for Life and Pro-Life Rally, and a mock trial! The amazing line up of speakers—Jason Atkins, Teresa Collet, Bishop Cozzens, Matt Birk, Dr. Mary Paquette, Maddie Schulte, and more—will cover topics like Roe vs. Wade, caring for pregnant women, when does life begin, pro-life apologetics, and youth sidewalk testimonies. The cost is $10 per person; please bring your own bagged lunch. No transportation will be provided, so please plan your own ride to/from Saint Agnes. The event is 9am-4pm on Friday, January 22nd, 2021. 


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What is the March for Life? "On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions legalized abortion on demand nationwide. Each year, pro-life Minnesotans mark the anniversary of Roe and Doe with the MCCL March for Life at the state Capitol in St. Paul. The purpose of the March is to commemorate the 60 million+ lives lost to abortion (and the women and men who have been hurt as a result) and to call for renewed respect and protection for all members of the human family, including unborn children and their mothers...The 2021 MCCL March for Life is planned for noon on Jan. 22. If an in-person gathering cannot safely and legally take place because of COVID-19, a Virtual March for Life will be held instead at the same time. We will alert you of the details when they are available." (Taken from www.mccl.org/march)

Grades Invited: 9th-12th grade youth (and families!)

Date: Friday, January 22nd (9am-4pm), 2021

Location: The Church of Saint Agnes for the Pro-Life Conference (535 Thomas Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103), we will march to the Minnesota State Capitol for the March for Life and Pro-Life Rally (75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, St Paul, MN 55155)

Cost: $10/person

Registration: Click here to register for the March for Life Conference!