What is Lifeline? Lifeline is an evening program held on the first Saturday of the month at the NET Center in St. Paul gathering hundreds of youth from around the Archdiocese. Each evening includes live music from Sonar Worship, a vibrantly celebrated Mass, and a dynamic presentation from a popular Catholic speaker. Join the Church of St. Henry as we travel together (either by bus or carpool) to this amazing event! We meet here at St. Henry at 2:45pm and return by 11pm. To reserve your spot, you must turn in a completed permission form and $10 (plus ticket cost, if required) to Jenna Leighton no later than the Wednesday before the Lifeline.


Dates and Topics:

  • Saturday, November 2nd (2:30-11pm) - “The Lesser Known Last Judgement” with Fr. Mike Schmitz  (LIMITED TICKETS $10 EACH)

  • Saturday, February 1st (2:30-11pm) - “Is God Calling You?” with Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Fr. David Blume

  • Saturday, May 2nd (2:30-11pm) - “An Evening of Praise & Worship” with Fr. Emmanuel, CFR


Registration: To sign up for Lifeline, turn in a completed permission form and $10 bus fee to Jenna Leighton in the Youth Ministry Office by the Wednesday before Lifeline. 

February Lifeline Permission Form