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Part 2: NEW updates for Confirmation Mass

Click here for Father Tony's 5-29-20 letter


Part 1: Clarifications for Confirmation Mass

  • The Confirmation Mass will be live-streamed and recorded (for extended family members or friends to watch): (Facebook live stream) and (YouTube recording)
  • As you are aware, Vikki from the parish office called each Confirmation family today to collect your RSVP number for the Confirmation Mass. Please remember that due to the need to meet a now 250-person seating capacity plus the requirement to observe social distancing between family units, ONLY the candidate's immediate family (i.e. parents and siblings) and the candidate's sponsor are invited to attend the Confirmation Mass. That means that we are NOT able to accommodate extended family members, such as grandparents and aunts/uncles, (unless that individual is the candidate's sponsor). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! And please share the links above with them. 
  • The Confirmation Mass will be live-streamed and recorded. If you are not comfortable with your son/daughter and family appearing in the live-stream (Facebook) and recorded video (YouTube), please contact the parish office. We would be happy to arrange for your family to be seated in an off-camera seating section and arrange for your son/daughter's anointing to remain off-camera. If you would like to opt for an off-camera option, please respond to this e-mail by Friday at 4pm.


Confirmation Mass Resources:

The Church of Saint Henry, following the strict protocols for sanitation and social distancing and limited attendance, will celebrate the Confirmation Mass on Sunday, May 31st at 3pm. Come, Holy Spirit!

Please note: In order to maintain a 300-person seating capacity plus the requirement to observe social distancing between family units, at this time we need to limit invitation for the Confirmation Mass to ONLY the candidates' immediate family and sponsor (with a total of no more than 7 people including the candidate). Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!

In order to worship and celebrate together, we need your cooperation with the instructions and protocols. We ask that all candidates, candidate's parents, and sponsor review the information below (the last item "The Gift of Confirmation" is an at-home spiritual preparation for sponsors & candidates) for practical and spiritual preparation... 

    1. Saint Henry's Safety & Protocol for Mass
    2. Confirmation Mass Information
    3. "The Gift of Confirmation" At-Home Sponsor/Candidate Spiritual Preparation. In place of a final, in-person Sponsor & Candidate Confirmation Preparation session, we have put together resources for you to complete your final session of preparation at-home. This whole session, to completed by each candidate together with their sponsor (either in-person or over a video call), should take about 45-minutes total, including time for discussion, an activity, and prayer to help the candidate and sponsor spiritually prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. For this second part of the session you will use...
    4. Seating Map