The Real Presence of our Lord in Our Lives

Gospel Reflection
Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Year C

The Real Presence of our Lord in Our Lives

As I look back on my life, I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.  I am thankful that, growing up in Elk River, I had a mother and a father together in one home with my four sisters.  I am thankful that doing well in school came rather natural for me.  I am thankful for the trumpet that my parents bought me in fifth grade.  It took me so many places, with concert, pep, and jazz band in school and the University of Minnesota Marching Band for a couple of years.  I am thankful to have played basketball pretty well.  Not much is better than getting out there and playing with some guys. 

But of all of the things that I am thankful for, I look back at my time of prayer with the Lord as something that stands out in my memory.  Taken all together, these were times of peace and blessing.  They were times of simply resting with the Lord.  They are the times for which I am most thankful for.  They led me to my Ordination as a priest. 

Yet, ironically, when I look at any one holy hour, I remember restlessness, being distracted, being too hot or cold, and thinking too much myself of some problem I was trying to solve.  It is amazing how God has shown Himself in my life through all of that.  It is amazing that these times, even though they were restless, were filled with grace.

Today we give honor to Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe.  His power is a power that is humble and that changes our lives.  His is the power of the cross.  A holy hour with Jesus is always a graced time that is never wasted.  Blessed Pope John Paul II said that a holy hour of prayer is worth more than any apostolic act.  Saint Augustine affirms this saying, “My heart is restless until it rests in you.” 

Thanks so much for your support in having Eucharistic Adoration at our parish and for your faith in taking an hour from your week to pray.  If you have not yet decided to take an hour, would you consider it?  To sign up for a holy hour, call Grace Janssen at 763-360-5334.  You will look back on your life and believe that indeed He is our King!

Father Tony