The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Gospel Reflection
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand    

Have you ever been astonished that something you have waited for is now suddenly upon you?  I remember as a child growing up in Elk River how we used to wait for the bus, but sometimes not so closely.  So sometimes it would be right outside our front living room window and I was hardly ready.  Thankfully, the driver would wait.

Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand".  It is at hand now for us!  God has kept his promises.  They were made long ago through the words of the prophet, Isaiah, that upon those who dwelt in a land of gloom, a light has shone.  Jesus is here and now and wants to turn on lights for us.

How has God, the great light, come upon you?  Perhaps it was when you were unemployed for five months, but then found a job in which you could support your family.  Or maybe it was when you and your spouse were on the verge of divorce, but you were helped by counseling and a supportive family.  Maybe it was when you made the swimming team and found a new circle of friends.

For Simon Peter and Andrew, it changed their whole life.  Jesus suddenly called them and they immediately dropped their nets and followed Him.  For Matthew it was likewise.  And Matthew knows what he is talking about.  He knows how radically the encounter with Jesus changed his life.  Light really came into the darkness of his life.

Jesus is here.  He is here now.  The light is upon us ready to shine in our darkness.  It always begins with one word: “Repent!”  Let us repent, rethink, reflect, and recognize what should become different in our lives.  Let us run toward the great light and never be the same again.

Father Tony