Marian Reflection By Father Barnes

On a trip to Venezuela with my seminary class we were traveling on some dangerous roads near Caracas.  The priest leader of the group suggested we pray the rosary and we did.  The van proceeded to break down in a tunnel where there was no place to pull over.  Cars and trucks flew by and it was very intense, but not long after another van pulled up with room for all of us and our luggage.  The name of the driver was Raphael, Saint Raphael by the way is the patron saint of travelers!  Our new driver took us safely to the airport and we realized that God was watching over us through the intercession of Mary.

Mary is powerful in protecting us and even helping us through big and little miracles.  She also helps us grow in holiness and she always points us to Jesus.  One thing I noticed in seminary is that seminarians would have a rosary in their pocket.  It confirmed for me the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of priests and in the life of those seeking to follow God’s will. 

Saint Louis de Montfort talks about how Mary helps to form us into the person God has created us to be, how she molds us in a gentle and loving way.  This of course is key for seminarians in formation to become priests, but it is also key for all of us: to be formed through the intercession of Mary into the person God has created us to be.

Hence I offer the parish of Saint Henry into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary to continue to help form us into the parish family God has created us to be. 

Feel free to quiz me any time if my rosary is in my pocket, no matter what country I’m in!

God bless,

Fr. Barnes