Encourage Deeper Understanding of Scripture

Oct 8, 2019

Gospel Reflection 28th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year C

Encourage Deeper Understanding of Scripture

 “Ten lepers met him. They stood at a distance …” In the ancient world and into the Middle Ages, there was no treatment for leprosy. People thought it was wildly contagious and were suspicious of any skin diseases. Lepers were isolated from civil society. This isolation was upheld by the Mosaic Law. Should there be a healing from leprosy, the former leper was to present himself to a priest to certify the healing. Like Jesus commands, “Show yourselves to the priests.” The person would then undergo a religious rite to be formally reintroduced to society. In other words, a leper got their life back. So why didn’t they come back?

 “As they were going they were cleansed. And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice; and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.” Of the ten lepers healed by Christ, only one returns with a grateful heart. The others, perhaps, were thankful enough. Perhaps they couldn’t believe their luck, and they hastened to the priests to confirm the healing. They were more than willing to leave their life of rejection and isolation behind. Why take any steps backward, when the way ahead was so attractive? An attitude like this is perhaps understandable, but few would admire it.

How about you? Do you come back? If you’ve ever had the experience of getting what you hoped and prayed for, you know that this can sometimes be easier said than done. When we’ve wanted something badly enough, how easy it can be to focus on the gift rather than the giver. The truth is, God is daily offering us gifts: the gift of our existence, of the created world, of family and friends, of modern conveniences. Even in times of distress, there is always something to be thankful for. This Sunday, give yourself a gratitude check. Count your blessings. Glorify God and thank Him for the gift of your life!  ©LPi