Christ is Passing By

Oct 31, 2019

Gospel Reflection  31st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Christ is Passing By

Have you ever met a famous person?  Maybe it was a famous actor or actress, or maybe a famous athlete.  Perhaps you went through great lengths to see him or her.  In 2010 I was really excited to see Pope emeritus Benedict XVI during the International Priest’s Conference which concluded the Year of the Priest.  We traveled much and went through great lengths to arrive at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome to celebrate evening prayer and then holy Mass the next day with him.  I have a great picture of him riding by in his pope-mobile.

 But have you ever said to someone, “I would really like to meet Jesus”?  Probably not, since this would seem a rather unnatural question.  But you have gotten out of bed on a cold winter morning, you have arranged to go to the nearest town on vacation, and you have managed your work schedule in order to see and meet him at holy Mass.  And you did so eagerly in spite of your shortcomings and you were glad that you did. 

Do I want to see Jesus?  Do I do everything to see him?  Do I really want to?  Or do I perhaps avoid the encounter with him?  Do I prefer not to see him and do I
prefer that he not see me?  Or if I already see him, do I prefer to see him from afar, not drawing too near, not venturing before his eyes so as to not perceive too much or to not have to accept the while truth that is in him?

 At every Mass, Christ is passing by.  He has come to seek and to save us, and to establish a divine friendship with us, just as he did with Zacchaeus, a tax collector!

 Father Tony