Asking the Right Questions

Jul 30, 2019

Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2:21-23; Colossians 3:1-5, 9-11; Luke 12:13-21

Asking the Right Questions

Consider for a moment that the man who encounters Jesus in the gospel today was privileged to do something that people longed for throughout many centuries.  He was able to be in person with Jesus, the Living God.  So how did he take advantage of the opportunity?  He asked Jesus to tell his brother to divide the inheritance with him.  He did not ask Jesus, “What should I do to inherit eternal life?”  Rather, just when he had the opportunity to be before God himself, he focused on money issues.

We must be careful that we don’t fall into the same trap.  Life is short.  We have the same opportunity to encounter Jesus and have a personal relationship with him.  We must cultivate this relationship through prayer and receive the gift of his forgiveness of our sins.  We must live in him through living out our baptism, leaving behind ways of life that do not prepare us for the kingdom of heaven and leave us stuck in an old way that is passing.

Jesus is not saying that prosperous economic activity is not good; he told many parables about talents, vinegrowing, the building trade, and having a good harvest.  But he is saying that we cannot waste time on a materialistic way of life in which we are so preoccupied with financial concerns that we miss out on any real friendship with God.  If we only come to Mass, but do not pray any other time because we are too busy or preoccupied, we fall into a danger of unfamiliarity with God.  We operate as if God cannot be present in the ordinary affairs of daily life.  Going to Mass then becomes like visiting someone whom we have not seen for years and struggle to find anything in common with.  We must entrust our hearts to God daily by spending time with God in prayer.

The Lord Jesus is here.  He is alive.  He is passing by.  Let us believe in and organize our lives around the fact that he is present among us!

Father Tony