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The Lord the Giver of Life

Posted by Sue Kunkel on 3/24/20

Gospel Refection5th Sunday of Lent, Year AThe Lord the Giver of Life

Our gospel this Sunday reveals to us that God has power even over life and death.  The miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is perhaps the greatest miracle, the greatest sign of Jesus’ power.  God ... Read More »

An Undeniable Gift

Posted by Sue Kunkel on 3/17/20

Gospel ReflectionFourth Sunday of Lent, Year AAn Undeniable Gift

              I recall once after an Easter Mass at the Cathedral talking with a young woman who was just baptized.  I did not know her, but she was beaming with joy and wanted to share it.  She explained how God ... Read More »

A Love That Frees Us

Posted by Sue Kunkel on 3/10/20

Gospel Reflection3rd Sunday of LentA Love That Frees Us

The story of the Samaritan woman with Jesus is a beautiful story of God’s love. It is personal. It is an encounter with Jesus as the Messiah who bridges our gaps with God. A great chasm was supposed to exist ... Read More »