A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Aug 13, 2019

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As you can see from the picture (Sorry unable to paste in Father Tony's pictures, please see bulletin for them) above my sister, Maria, was enjoying what we were doing.  I, however, was experiencing its great anguish (but I enjoyed it too).  We hiked the Black Mountain Crest Trail in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.  It began at Bolens Creek and went straight up to the ridge line at 6,600 feet above sea level.  That was the easy part.  It followed the ridge line up and down all the way to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the East at 6,684 feet.  All in all, it was a 12-mile hike.  The ups and downs on the ridge line were far more than we bargained for!  It was rocky and viney and you had to really watch your step. 

Maria’s husband, Jon, was to pick us up at Mount Mitchell at the lookout tower seven hours later at 5:00 PM.  However, it took us until 7:15 and we weren’t even sure we were really going to make it before dark!  But all is well that ends well, especially when you are young like my sister!  We all went to a restaurant and I had a big cheeseburger, fries, and two glasses of Mountain Dew.  That helped!  I asked my sister how much she thought I slowed her down.  “About a half-hour,” she replied.  I love brutal honesty.

Then, I went to my sister, Sarah, in Maryland to spend time with her and her husband, Joe, and my nephew, Isaac, and niece, Lydia.  It was a great time and a little more relaxed, you might say.  We went to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, a movie on a rainy day, and floated down the Potomac River in inner tubes.  It was so nice to be with a family for awhile.  They have their issues like any family in disciplining the kids, etc.  But God gave us human families in which we grow, learn, and learn to love.  Our memories of families are precious, even if they weren’t perfect.  May God bless all of our families!  Please make a time to pray, even beyond meal time with your family daily. I believe that is so important.  Just begin together and God will lead you.  God is ready to bless you if you ask, seek, and knock!

Father Tony