Adult Education/Small Groups

First of all, what is a Synod?

Wikipedia's definition is:  A synod (/ˈsɪnəd/) is a council of a church, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application. The word synod comes from the Greekσύνοδος [ˈsinoðos] meaning "assembly" or "meeting" and is analogous with the Latin word concilium meaning "council". Originally, synods were meetings of bishops, and the word is still used in that sense in Catholicism,[citation needed] Oriental Orthodoxy and Eastern Orthodoxy. In modern usage, the word often refers to the governing body of a particular church, whether its members are meeting or not. It is also sometimes used to refer to a church that is governed by a synod.

Archbishop Hebda had decided to do one on a more local level in our Archdiocese.

“Archbishop Hebda’s vision for the Synod — to draw
on the gifts of the faithful to discern and establish clear
pastoral priorities — starts with a ‘listening Church,’
listening to each other and to the Holy Spirit, with
the disposition of heart that we all have something to
learn,” said Coons, a parishioner of St. Anne in Hamel.
“The Prayer and Listening Events were designed to
provide an opportunity to listen to each other, and
Archbishop Hebda was at all 30 events, personally

Archbishop Hebda Needs Your Help

How can we as a church better pass-on our beautiful Catholic faith whether in our homes or in the broader world?  The Archdiocesan Synod kicks into high gear this fall and your input is needed to help Archbishop Hebda chart the course for this local Church.  Join a small group to discuss and give feedback on priorities within each Synod focus area.

Here's the link to the Archdiocese information on the Synod. (click on the text)


Synod process is actually taking place over three years in our Archdiocese, culminating at Pentecost 2022!  We are grateful for the 8,000+ people who gave 30,000+ comments during the Prayer and Listening Events in fall 2019-winter 2020.  Now it is time to take the next step:  the Parish Consultation with small groups.  Using the feedback from the Prayer and Listening Events, we will now come together to respond to and propose solutions that will help inform the next steps of the Synod process. Join a small group to discuss and give feedback on priorities within each Synod focus area.   Mark your calendars to attend either:

         Sunday September 19, 6:00-8:00 pm or Tuesday September 21, 7:15-9:15 pm, in the church Social Hall.  You can register by signing up in the gathering space at the Synod table.

  Archbishop Hebda needs your input in how to best form (Focus areas):

  • Parishes that are in the service of evangelization;
  • Missionary disciples who know Jesus’s love and respond to his call; and
  • Youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

 What to Expect when you’re expecting…to participate in Synod small groups this Fall.

We hope you join in this important step in shaping the future of our Archdiocese.  Here’s how it will go.

  • Arrive at your parish (social hall) and find a seat at a table of about 8.
  • Watch a video which will lead everyone in prayer and share teaching on our beautiful Catholic faith to inform our discussion and response.
  • As you are comfortable, share your experience and ideas in discussion with your tablemates.
  • Respond to ideas and offer your own suggestions on a feedback form to be considered by Archbishop Hebda.

 What You Need to Know About Synod Small Group This Fall

Be part of the Synod process that will shape our local Church.  In small groups this fall, our parish will:

  1. Pray for God’s guidance on how we can more vigorously proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  2. Learn the Church’s wisdom on the Synod focus area topics.
  3. Discuss your perspective and ideas with other parishioners.
  4. Respond with your feedback on Archdiocesan priorities to proclaim the Good News in our culture today.

 If you ever start a sentence with, “The Church needs to…..”then this is for you!  Plan to discuss and provide input this fall about the best ways for the local Catholic Church to grow together!

                                               SYNOD SMALL GROUP

    Two opportunities to get involved with the small Group Synod process

   in our Archdiocese are being offered at St. Henry’s, in the Social Hall on:

      Sunday evenings beginning September 19, 6:00-8:00 pm (6 weeks) &

      Tuesday evenings beginning September 21, 7:15-9:15 pm (6 weeks)

(These nights are for people who are not already in an existing small group.)

    Sign up sheets are in the gathering space.  Please show your support in

    building our archdiocese together in Christ under the leadership of

    Archbishop Hebda.  Every voice is important!!


Click here for information on the Fall 2021 Synod Small Group


Click here to sign up for the Friday Book Club


Adult Small Groups

Pope Francis is teaching us how to follow Jesus Christ in what he calls Intentional Discipleship.

The archdiocese is requesting that we begin to accomplish this by forming small groups for study and discussion. Our parish has joined formed.org to provide adult faith formation opportunities for the small groups. People who participated in small groups last year enjoyed lively discussions. The presentations were concise and beautifully produced. If you are interested in joining a small group,

Contact:  Parish Office                                                   763-295-2402