GIFT/Scrip Program

Wonderful Ways to be a Minister in the GIFT/Scrip Program

1) “GIFTIE” – These terrific people help distribute orders and sell gift cards at the table in the gathering space after the weekend Masses. Training provided.
Frequency: ½ hour to 1 ½ hours (Saturday or Sunday) on a weekend every month.

2) Parent Involvement Group – Continue our support of the youth ministry by helping organize adult volunteers for youth nights and retreats. Also help in creating and implementing ideas for youth ministry/family programs. This group is in process of being formed.

3) Buy gift cards! Any orders you place, whether large or small, contribute to the success of our growing youth ministry.

Please contact Amy Walz (763-226-0190), Audrey Davis (763-263-2550), or email [email protected] with any questions or to volunteer. Thanks!

SCRIP Ministry Offers “No-Brainer” Way of Fundraising

 We want to encourage all to join a fun ministry here at St. Henry’s!  We have had three great years!  Please, come give it a try! So you may be thinking, “What is SCRIP and how/why should I get involved”?  SCRIP is a simple fundraising tool to help raise funds for youth programs.  It’s a great way to donate funds by doing your own shopping, with no extra money coming from you.   It almost seems too good to be true, but it isn’t, this definitely works! We just finished our third year and are happy to report a three-year profit of over $25,300!

 “But how is the profit made if I’m paying for what I’m purchasing?”

We purchase gift cards at a reduced price (depending on the percentage the business donates).  Yes, you get the amount you pay for!

Example #1:  You spend approximately $500 per month at Cub Foods. Purchase 5 - $100 Cub cards, church receives a donation of $20!! (Cub Foods donates 4% as does all local gas stations.)

 Example #2:  You enjoy eating out at Applebee’s and decide to purchase a $50 gift card, church receives $4 donation (Applebee’s donates 8%) Example #3:  Your family is in need of clothing. By purchasing $50 in Old Navy gift cards, church receives $7 donation (Old Navy donates 14%). There are hundreds of different businesses to choose from!


 We call this “The No-Brainer” way of fundraising and want all families to give it a try! To get started, pick one area of your family shopping needs, buy those cards from us with cash or check & go shopping (Boom, you just donated money to St. Henry’s youth!)

 Here are two different family scenarios that have used SCRIP:

Family #1:  They need groceries and gas (they run a home daycare) and faithfully buying SCRIP for 3 years.  They purchase $300/ weekly from the SCRIP table.  They have spent $39,300, DONATING $1,926.00!

 Family #2:  Uses SCRIP for gas, grocery, clothing, Target, Walmart, shoes, dinners out, gift cards as gifts, home store purchases, etc. They have faithfully used SCRIP from the very beginning (it also helped as a budgeting tool as well!).  They have spent $51,200, DONATING $3,046.00!


All that is required by the wonderful parishioners of St. Henry’s is a little forethought on your shopping needs for the week/month and a stop at the SCRIP table after mass in the gathering space.  We LOVE to see new faces, and of course, all our “regulars” as well!  I can’t stress enough how easy this is and what a difference it is making here at St. Henry’s.  

 So far, we have funded a youth ministry assistant the past three summers to help Kym Allex implement her creative ideas with the youth.  We funded 2014-2015 Faith Formation Family Faith Nights. This summer we purchased a much-needed Go-Pro (camera/video camera) and purchased lumber for an amazing obstacle course during Middle School Day Camp to teach the youth and leaders about suffering. We also have helped create a new updated FYSH BOWL (still a work in progress). We are looking ahead to this next school year with some amazing plans “in the works.” We will update the bulletin as these happen. We again want to thank all who have helped SCRIP from the beginning and all that plan to come and get involved this year! 

God Bless, Amy Walz, Audrey Davis