Communications Committee

Requirements: Meet 1st Thursday of month. 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Description: Our mission is to promote, celebrate and encourage the ministry accomplishments of all our members. We believe that by promoting our various ministries through various media outlets, we will raise awareness of all the good things that we do as a church body. This will not only serve to encourage us to reach for even loftier goals, but also create a greater sense of community and draw others that are not involved in parish ministry into a life of active discipleship. Our vision is to create a visual presence that the minute you walk in the door you’ll see that “WOW” factor – this church is alive and engaged. In addition, we will be reaching out to our members and community via electronic and printed materials – really trying to utilize 21st century technology that everyone uses in their everyday lives and build bridges that bind us together. Let’s Get People Engaged In Ministry – that’s our mantra. With your desire and creativity there is no limit to where we can take St. Henry’s.         

Contact:  Jim Sidla                                                            763-295-3450                                 


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The following are stories about the Communications ministry as published in our Spirit on 7th Street newsletter:

Summer 2015   Spirit on 7th St