Contact Information: Sue Eastlund and Jenny Meyer

Description: Trained lay volunteers who extend the care of a faith community for people in all kinds of difficult or transitional situations. Befrienders are volunteers who listen with compassion and embody the caring presence of God. The Befriender Ministry is not ministry of “doing,” but of “being” – present and listening quietly to others ad bringing Christ to people in need. You will grow spiritually through this ministry and deepen the sense of the Christian community in the church.

Volunteer time commitment (i.e. meeting times, weekly vs. monthly time commitment, etc.):
We have three meetings throughout the year. The meetings provide accountability and growth, and assist Befrienders in their ability to listen, to be non-judgmental, and put aside their own desire to give advice. We also may have a theme of conversation for the meeting such as Grief and Loss, Depression, Stress of Caregiving or Alzheimers. Visiting time for Befrienders is usually weekly or 2 to 3 times each month, depending on each Befriender’s schedule and the schedule of the person you are visiting.