About Fr. Tony VanderLoop

I grew up between Big Lake and Elk River and my parents currently live in Buffalo so I am quite close to home now.  God definitely has a plan.  I grew up with four sisters and I am the second oldest.  As a graduate of Elk River High School in 1986, my first college experience was at the University of Minnesota.  I studied Chemical Engineering and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 1991.  Having met friends at the University who had a positive influence on me, I first began to think about some sort of full-time ministry at that point.  The friends I made in college were friends who truly lived their faith and their aliveness to God really showed me how it was possible to live a life of faith as an adult.
After college, I worked in the field of water treatment for about five years and experienced life as a young adult Catholic while attending and becoming involved at the Church of Saint Lawrence in Minneapolis.  Beginning in 1996, I decided to enter the seminary and give priesthood a try.  I entered Saint John Vianney Minor Seminary where I studied for two years.  After that, I attended the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity for four years, plus one additional year for an internship at a parish.  I was ordained a priest in May 2003 and was assigned to the Church of Saint Bernard in Saint Paul.  This was a great experience, especially working with the grade school and high school kids.  It was a great place to begin priesthood.  In June 2005 I moved to Saint Francis de Sales and Saint James in Saint Paul as an associate pastor and this was also a very blessed assignment, especially in getting to know the people.
In September 2006 I was assigned to Saint Peter’s in Richfield and made many happy memories there.  I came to Saint Henry’s in July of 2011 and I really appreciate getting to know the good parishioners here.  We continue to grow in our faith both in our life of prayer and worship of God and in the activity that God calls us to.  I am grateful to God for the vocation he has given me to serve the people.  It has been eleven very blessed years. 
I look forward to our time together and our growing together in faith in Jesus Christ.
     Yours in Christ,
     Father Tony VanderLoop