Attend Your Precinct Caucus on February 6th!

Jan 24, 2018

4th Sunday of Ordianry Time, Year B

Attend Your Precinct Caucus on February 6th!

In the USCCB document, “Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility” – the point is made that we ultimately get the candidates we deserve and the treatment of the issues by them that we deserve based on our participation in the political process, something that is the role of lay members of the church to go out and do.

We have a consistent ethic of life that begins in the womb and I encourage you to see the bulletin insert that explains this ethic.  If we cannot defend the most basic right of all, the right to life itself, then other personal rights – the right to health care, to work, to a decent wage in order to raise a family, etc. will erode as well.  Our Catholic moral framework demands a clear and consistent priority for the life and dignity of the human person, and promotes family life, a preferential option for the poor, and global solidarity.

One of the best ways to promote our Catholic moral vision is to participate in precinct caucuses of a given party.  A precinct caucus is the first level of political participation that leads to the district convention, regional convention, and finally to the state convention where delegates vote on candidates to be endorsed and receive party support through election day. It is easy to be afraid to speak up when it seems that many others will be against you.  It is also true that money does have a great influence, but we must continue to have hope.  We must continue to dream the dream that candidates who share our view will emerge if we support them in their campaign as well as by our vote.  If Dr. Martin Luther King did not dream his dream against long odds, we might have had a very different America today.  We need not be afraid because we have nothing to lose and we always trust the results to God.  We have an opportunity not shared by very many in this world.

We should be barnstorming the place, wherever that place is, when it comes to precinct caucuses, the exercise of our citizenship, and ultimately our influence in bringing forth the kingdom of Christ to our world.  Think about it.  If we began to do this and sustained the effort for a few short years, eventually parties would change their tune and candidates would understand that they would need to be a part of our ethic if they expect to be elected.  For where to go to attend your precinct caucus visit  God bless you all!    

Father Tony