33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nov 21, 2018


As we edge closer to the closing of the liturgical year, the Church selects readings that remind us of the final close: the second coming of Christ. It's easy, perhaps, to forget that this is a dogma of our Catholic faith. We see this dramatic end times language in today's Gospel. "The sun will be darkened ... and the stars will be falling from the sky."

As Christians and as human beings, we know all things will come to an end. "But of that day or hour, no one knows." The "end of the world" and end of time at Jesus' coming is in a future unknown. But God has given us beautiful reminders of this truth. We see the signs and symbols of ending all around us -- nightfall at the end of each day; the life cycle of crops coming alive, bearing fruit, and being harvested; our own death. That, too, will come at an unknown day and hour. But that is the way of things. Even as God created in Genesis, He gave us a sense of time -- the sun rising and setting, a
beginning and an end -- to mark our days.

So how do we welcome these built-in forms of measurement? Do we take time to
quietly recollect at the end of each day? Do we see every morning as a fresh start for mercies new? Do we observe the seasons and reflect on what they might be speaking to us of God and His glory? "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my works will not pass away." The little beginnings and little ends are opportunities to renew our faith in Jesus, if only we have the eyes to see!

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