Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Jul 12, 2017

Gospel Reflection
Isaiah 55:10-11; /Romans 8:18-23; Matthew 13:1-23

"Hear then the parable of the sower." With his analogy of the sower and the seed, Jesus gives us four images to help us gauge the depth of our spiritual maturity. What kind of "soil" does our faith exist in? Are we fruitful Christians? Does our seed yield as much as it could?

The first image is of the seed that fell on the path. This describes those who hear about Christianity "without understanding it." Nothing can grow, nothing can blossom at this level. We should ask ourselves if we have taken the time to be sure we understand the faith we practice. Are we stuck at a superficial level, allowing stereotypes, popular opinion, or media distortions to "steal away" the richness of the Catholic faith?

Perhaps we have been properly educated in the teachings of the faith, but our commitment has been fickle. Are we the seed on the rocky ground, that "has no root and lasts only for a time"? Have we experienced difficulties in the practice of our faith that have led us to become indifferent? Have we found it just too troublesome to bring our faith into our everyday lives?

Or have we heard the word, but allowed it to be choked by "worldly anxiety and the lure of riches"? Do we appreciate Christianity but fail to make the sacrifices that it requires? Are we more interested in a comfortable life than anything else?

Many of us have sampled these stages at different times. But ultimately, our goal as Christians is to be "the seed sown on rich soil." We are called to be open to hearing the word, to seek to understand it, and to allow it to take firm root in our hearts. When we do this, the seed of our own faith can produce a rich harvest for the world.

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