Linen Schedule


  Mary Aubol January    
  Mary Rassat February    
  Linda O'Donnell March      
  Bonnie Sobiech April      
  Mary Aubol May      
  Candace Beech June      
  Georgia Koester July      
  Mary Rassat August      
  Linda O'Donnell   September    
  Karen Dehmer October      
  Bonnie Sobiech November    
  Georgia Koester December    
Thank you all for volunteering to wash and iron linens
for our church!  Please follow the guidelines below:  
1.  Soak linens in plain water to remove any Precious Blood.
2.  Dispose of water from soaking by pouring on the ground.
3.  Pre-treat stains (hair spray works well for lipstick as 
  does rubbing the stains with detergent).  
4.  Wash as normal in your washing machine.  
5.  Iron.            
6.  Fold as instructed.        
7.  Do not use bleach or starch.      
As you finish your month, please call the next person to
remind them to begin their month.