(Pronounced “KUR-SEE-YO)

Cursillo begins with a three-day weekend that helps you experience your Catholic faith and encourages a spiritual life that is filled with joy, laughter, and enthusiasm.  You are invited to see an enriched relationship with God within the framework of a Christian Community. Cursillo is based on expanding your prayer life, having an ongoing study program, and sharing your faith. It provides a two-part method to help sustain and nurture you.  1) Group Reunions are informal gatherings of three to five people who meet regularly (once a week) to share their faith and support each other in their spiritual life. 2) Ultreyas are monthly gatherings of Group Reunions.  They share experiences pray together, and socialize.  Participants share their spirituality and gain insight and ideas that can enhance their Christian life. To attend a Cursillo weekend you must have a sponsor who has been an active Cursillo member for at least one year.  A sponsor is responsible for preparing you for the weekend, establishing you in a Group Reunion where you live or work, and introducing you to an Ultreya (small group session/reunion) in your area.  Separate weekends are held for men and women. If you are married, both spouses should be willing to participate. You will receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  They are an integral part of the Catholic Cursillo.

Contact:    Ross Holmes 763-234-7834